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Super Supernatural promotioning.

There are Supernatural pics on 'phone boxes in London (possibly further afield too, but I've only seen the ones in London) advertising the fact that season 5 is coming to LivingTV sometime soon. One of them is a pentagram (possibly? My terminology's terrible) and the text "All Hell Breaks Loose". Another is a pic of Dean and Sam which looks (from Jared's hair) to be more like an S1 pic (I'm sure he hasn't had that level of bouffant for some time, at any rate...). It's really kind of exciting. Seems like slightly OTT publicity for such a non-mainstream programme, but hey, if it gets it a few more viewers in time for the big showdown, I ain't complaining.

However, the best is this, which I spotted over at hils' journal, and is absolutely wonderful in its "casually vandalising London monuments" kind of a way:

At some point I have to catch up with S5. Although all things considered, I may wait until it comes to Living.

Speaking of which, the cover of a future edition (possibly the next one) of SFX was on big posters at the SFXWeekender and features a nice pic of the boys.

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