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I have *got* to stop doing this...

So, I was listening to Five Star's System Addict last night (cue chorus of "yes David, you've got to stop doing that!!!") and I thought, "ooh, this'd make a good song for a fanvid."

Normally, my problem is not finishing what I start. When it comes to fanvids, it's not even starting the ideas I have...

In other news, I'm insanely enthusiastic about the new series of Ashes to Ashes and Doctor Who. I'd just like to know...when the heck will they start? Seriously, I can't wait. Even though I know I've got to. Mmf.

And it's high time I realised that arguing the toss with anti-gay-rights folks online is seriously not good. It doesn't actually achieve anything ('cos, y'know, they never change their minds based on anything I actually say), and it seriously screws with my mental health. Give it a break, boy, for your own good...

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