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Two things that are cheering me up at the moment.

One - Bravo are showing Leverage season 1, so I'm finally getting to watch it properly, and loving it to bits. It's lots of fun, it's unashamedly geeky, and it's got Gina Bellman in it. What's not to like? Well, their scheduling is weird, admittedly - last week, they showed episode 1 on Monday, episode 2 on Wednesday, and episode 4 on Friday (no episode 3, as far as I can tell). This week they showed episode 5 on Monday, they're showing episode 6 tonight, and then that's being repeated half a dozen times through the week before they show episode 7 next Wednesday. Whisky Tango Foxtrot? Oh well, it's good to see the show.

Two - in the ad breaks for Leverage, we're getting trailers for Supernatural season 5, which is being shown on Living TV. This is just setting off my fanboy squee like there's no tomorrow. Did it ever get all this kind of publicity when ITV was showing it?

Oh, and this looks all kinds of awesome and win.
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