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Pleasant evening

Cooked steak with peppercorn sauce for Sarah, which was nice (it had been going to be my Valentine's treat for her, but I had, um, cashflow issues, so delayed it until today). But yes, we both enjoyed it.

Have just finished reading the novelisation of Merlin - The Poisoned Chalice & am about to embark on Starter for Ten. Meanwhile, Sarah is downstairs watching Cosmos on DVD (which my mum got us for Christmas) so I'm hearing Carl Sagan's wonderful voice and Vangelis' beautiful music.

Finally got round to changing my LJ style & banner today. From a Doctor Who theme to...another Doctor Who theme, this one in readiness for season 5/1/31 (depending on which version you prefer - I just think of it as the debut of La Moff & Smiffy), about which I'm really excited.

In more practical news, I have sharp jabby things & an electronic gadget for testing my blood sugar. The days of not taking care of myself are over. They have to be.

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