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Writer's Block: Raining cats or dogs?

Do you have a decided preference between cats and dogs? Which do you prefer, and why? Would you consider a roommate or partner who had a contrary pet proclivity?

I absolutely adore cats. I don't mind dogs - as long as they don't bite and bark a.) quietly and b.) not very often - but I've always loved cats. Not sure why. I've always kind of assumed they're fairly intelligent, despite the apparent lack of intelligence of the cats of the family I lodged with during my first year at university. Oddly enough, that was around the time I lost my way with cats - before then, they'd quite happily wander up to me and let me pick them up, but since then, not so much. Make of that what you will.

Unfortunately, Sarah is a.) allergic to cat hair and b.) not terribly keen on cute cuddly animals in general (she was bitten by a rabbit once, and now sees all rabbits, and kinds of by extension all animals, as being out to get her). We could go the way her sister's gone, and get sphinx cats (which, for those who don't know, are hairless; see userpic), but I don't know how realistic that idea is - they're not cheap, and if Claire's examples are anything to go by, they're a bit hyperactive (a bit???!). I suspect the most we'll manage is fish. Which don't really make for good cuddles.

But then I've got Sarah, so I don't really need an animal for cuddles any more.
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