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David Brider

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Calling occupants of interplanetary Sheffield (and other associated folks)

Valiant - "Sheffield's first Doctor Who convention".

Anyone a.) heard of this and b.) going? I'm thinking plus side: cheap (£40:00) and central. Negative side - only one day, which is realistically going to mean travelling up on the Friday; probably staying in Sheffield on the Saturday too, but on the bright side there's normally something worth doing in Sheffield on a Saturday night (Corp); only one guest announced so far, but given the guest line-up that the same folks have got for a convention earlier in the year I suspect there will be many more.

All things considered I'm inclined to be going, although as it's limited to only 100 tickets I'll probably have to sign up after my next pay cheque comes through. Be interested to know if any other Flistees are going, though..?
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