David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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I feel a Wowbagger moment coming on...

To the owner of the black VW, registration RE09 OUN (or it might've been UON) I had the misfortune to be sharing the road with this morning:

You, sir, are a pretzel, a pilchard, a prize nozzlehead, and lots of other words I wouldn't use in polite company. You're going to have an accident one day if you keep on driving recklessly like that, because honestly, overtaking like that on single lane, sometimes blind bends, fairly regular stream of oncoming traffic? Sheesh. What's the point of me taking lessons to learn about how to drive properly with folks like you around ignoring all the rules?

To anyone else driving in the Essex/Hertfordshire area: watch out for him, and keep your distance...
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