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It's a merry-go-round, you can never get off...

So, for the fourth time since putting it on the market (and the third time since last October) someone's put in an offer for Sarah's house.

We're kind of hoping that this one doesn't pull out at the last minute or (apparently) disappear off the face of the planet amidst vague whispers of not being able to get a mortgage for some unclear reasons.

If it can all be sorted out within a month or so, thus meaning we don't have to bother temporarily moving in with Sarah's mum, that also would be really incredibly useful.

I know, I'm so unreasonable. Next I'll be wanting blood. Or something.

Oh, and if anyone can identify the song title and artist referenced in the subject line? Points, or something. (Well, the song title is actually in the subject line. But points for the person who sang it.)

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