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What the heck is this film?

For some reason I've been thinking recently about a film I saw about 24 years ago, and was wondering if anyone can help identifying it, although there's not a great deal to go on. It was set in Egypt; the main characters were, I think, archaeologists; it may have involved some kind of time travel back to the times of the Pharaohs. And the bit I vividly remember was that at the end, they were stuck inside a pyramid as it started filling with sand. Any guesses? If it helps any, I remember watching it on TV back in 1985, sort of just after the end of season 22 of Doctor Who (around March/April, possibly May at a pinch), so it probably dated back to 1982 at the latest.

(The really odd thing is that since I was very young I had a very clear idea of the notion that what we see on TV - in drama and films etc., at least - is fiction, written by writers and played by actors and with special effects and stunts and stuff; a deep and abiding obsession with interest in Doctor Who does that to you. And yet my main memory of the film was thinking, "they're not really going to kill them all by burying them in sand, are they?" I mean, I was 15, for goodness sake! Go figure! I guess it's the impending honeymoon that's got me thinking about it again.)

Please, someone, put me out of my misery!

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