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...we have ROBERT WEBB joining DAVID MITCHELL on The Bubble (and, seriously, if that isn't all kinds of awesome I'll want my licence fee money back...), followed by Matt Smith on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - which also features bonus Emma Thompson (ooh, still got a crush on her after all these years...) and Prof. Brian Cox, so should be a darned good show.

Course, chances are I'll be in bed before any of that airs, but hey, watch it in the morning on Sky+.

Oh, and OMFGAwesomeYAY the return of QI!

My life doesn't revolve around TV, honest.

Oh, and I've just booked the hotel for EasterCon - Sarah and I are staying at the Ibis down the road from the Radisson NonEuclidian (which I think is the one I stayed at in 2008), arriving on the Thursday - not quite sure what's happening that evening, but Misha, Zoe, anyone else who's going, want to meet up?
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