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Writer's Block: Search for intelligent life

Do you believe there is other intelligent life in distant galaxies? If no, why not? If yes, do you believe this is something to be feared and avoided or actively sought out?

I'm open to the possibility that intelligent life might exist elsewhere in the universe (although I'm reminded of the Monty Python song...), but have no strong feelings on the matter. It'd be nice, and it'd be even nicer if somehow contact could be made with intelligent alien life forms, but I suspect that even if such life exists, it's going to be too far away for any meaningful contact, communication, or relationship to happen unless we cross some scientific hurdles...

Message from Earth: "Hello, citizens of Alpha Centauri. There's something we'd like to ask you!"

4.37 years later, message sent from Alpha Centauri: "OHAITHAR Earth! What would you like to ask us?!"

4.37 years later, message from Earth: "We've had an ask round, and...nobody here can remember."

4.37 years later, message from Alpha Centauri: "Then why the heck did you bother us?"

4.37 years later, message from Earth: "Stuff knows. It was 17 years ago now. Anyway...fancy a game of chess?"

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