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Sarah in disguise

Today at Eastercon, Sarah put on her Beachcomber outfit, which she's been assembling over the past six months, on and off, from foam board, card, sticky backed plastic, velcro, papier maché, duct tape, and little magnets. This was its first outing in public, and many people were very impressed.

On the negative side, some of the velcro/magnet fastenings weren't as effective as we'd have liked (fine for taking three steps in our kitchen, less so for getting from Misha & Zoë's room to the Atrium & back), so yet more duct tape had to be pressed into service to stop the whole thing falling apart (the wheels were particularly fond of dropping off. Perhaps they were too tired? *insert groan here*). We'll probably use different coloured tape that blends better with the sticky backed plastic (all we had was black today...you can tell, can't you? Sarah called it 'Comber's battle scars..!). Hopefully we'll have the kinks ironed out by AutoAssembly.

But anyway. I'm proud of my wife. ♥


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