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*waves* Bye-bye, Bishop's Stortford. :o(

So, the Bishop's Stortford chapter of our lives is at an end. Long story cut long...Sarah's been having trouble selling her place in Barking. We've had three people put in offers since October, all of whom have ended up not following through (two of them apparently disappearing off the face of the planet). Although there's a guy currently renting the place in Barking, the rent money we're getting from that isn't enough to cover both the mortgage on Barking and the rent we were paying in Bishop's Stortford.

So, we decided there were two ways of cutting costs, both of which involved leaving Bishop's Stortford; either, move back in to Barking; or move in with Sarah's mum. The clincher was the estate agents suggesting that we'd have more joy selling up if the place was empty.

So, after giving the guy who's renting the house in Barking his notice, the last few weeks in general, and this weekend in particular, have been chiefly characterised by getting all of our possessions back in boxes. Such stuff as we could get into the lock-up in Barking is in there; the rest is currently at Sarah's mum's, where it will eventually be placed in the attic, until...

Well, we know not when, but obviously the goal is, sell the house in Barking and move into somewhere that's big enough to accommodate two sci-fi/fantasy geeks, our extensive collections of DVDs, books, and '80s cartoon-related toy lines. If the latest guy who was putting in an offer on Barking hadn't apparently disappeared off the face of the earth, we could have got thing finished by the end of May, but now...who knows? As it is, although the place we'd seen in Hemel Hempstead is still nominally ours unless anyone else puts in a better offer, the mortgage offer we've had will apparently not be valid after the end of May (so Sarah says, I will admit to not always following the technicalities) so we'll presumably have to go through the whole palaver of re-applying. Deep joy.

To slightly complicate matters, I'm a.) in financially a bit of a bad way, and b.) in between sorting out a change of working arrangements - I'm currently based in Broomfield, just next to the main hospital in Chelmsford, which is driveable from Bishop's Stortford but not really practical from Chorleywood. So the plan is to re-locate to the Milton Keynes site. However, although that's been approved, the practicalities haven't been absolutely confirmed. So for the next couple of weeks, to cut down fuel costs, I've moved back in with Tim on a temporary basis. Which feels...weird. Anyone who knows us really well can joke about a trial separation, if they feel the need. :o/ After that, we fly out to Egypt for the honeymoon, which we're looking forward to, and then shortly after we fly back to the UK, by which time I'll've been paid, I'm hoping that the transfer to Milton Keynes will have been sorted out, and then I'll be moving in with Sarah at her mum's.

Mind you, there's still some stuff of ours at Bishop's Stortford; we'll probably be going there next Sunday to finish clearing the place out (it's mainly the kitchen that's still to be done). But even so, it's weird - it's almost back to being the same empty shell it was when we moved in last February. I'll miss it - I really enjoyed living there. Also, the town itself was very pleasant.

This weekend, Sarah has been spending a ridiculous amount of time on the M25 in a rental van, and last I saw of her was absolutely drained. I hope she gets a good night's sleep. Prayers, v-hugs, and general good vibes for her would be greatly appreciated.

And speaking of a good night's sleep - I'm off to bed.


PS: Oh, btw, *loved* The Beast Below. Didn't think it was quite perfection, certainly not as good as The Eleventh Hour, but, still, a good solid 7 1/2 out of 10, IMO. Can we have Liz Ten as a future companion, please? 'Cos...she was rather wonderful...

And yay! Daleks next week..!

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