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At last...

Is it actually possible to search one's own LJ? The facility doesn't seem to exist, although one would have thought it'd be possible. I've just been trying to track down an entry I wrote a couple of years ago, about a trip Sarah & I made with her mum to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Googling 'site:livejournal.com "Cotswold Wildlife Park" Sarah Rita' produced no results, so I finally had to resort to going through all my entries for the relevant timeframe, and finally found it here.

I mainly wanted to find it a.) because I'm looking forward to a time when things are generally more relaxed than they are at the moment and hopefully Sarah and I can go back there; and b.) to remind myself how gorgeous this Chilean Eagle is:

Because, really - it is lovely. When we went there, it perched briefly on my hand. Still hoping to go to the Cotswold Falconry Centre for more of the same.

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