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Thursday 15th April 2010

Today got off to rather a rubbish start in at least one respect - in which respect, it also managed to get worse. I was using my computer to import more 7" singles, when it started glitching - I ended up having to turn it off and on again a couple of times. When I got back from work in the evening, it had frozen again, so I turned it off and on...and this time it wouldn't even boot. Got the grey screen with the Apple logo and the little spinning clock thing, then a blue screen as if it's going to start loading OS X, and then...a lighter blue screen, but nothing else.

I've managed to get it to do a "Safe Boot", which at least proves that it's working in some respects, but that's next to useless as all the features I need to use - like teh interwebz and sound - are disabled in Safe Boot mode. What I really need - I think, from a support document I've found online - is the Install disc that came with the computer. Trouble is...that's somewhere in one of many boxes in Chorleywood. I'll have a hunt around when I go there at the weekend. Hopefully it'll show up. Failing that, if the worst comes to the worse, I could always take it to the Apple shop in the Meadows. I doubt it would be as expensive as the power unit replacement they did last summer, but even so I'm kind of assuming it would cost a fair bit, which as I don't get paid until April 28th would be a bit of a pain in the jacksie. I suppose I could just resign myself to a fairly unproductive few days between now and the honeymoon...

Speaking of which, a couple of things have been confirmed at work. Firstly, next Tuesday I'm definitely paying the Milton Keynes site a visit. Secondly, I'm taking tomorrow and Monday off work. Monday is as much as anything else because of the practicalities of Tuesday - that way, I can just take Sarah from Antonia's party on the Sunday evening to Chorleywood, stay there myself, and then drive from there to Milton Keynes on the Tuesday morning (one of the things I want to do is get a feel for how long the journey is likely to take me). Friday is, nominally, so I can spend the day working on importing loads of 7" singles into the computer, and therefore may end up being a bit of a wasted day, but even so, I think it could be useful.

This evening - after watching some of Tim's Trial of a Time Lord DVD, mainly the Trials and Tribulations documentary, and having cod in cheese sauce which was scrummy, we went quizzing to the White Swan, with me driving. Teamed up with the usual crowd - it was good to see them, and they seemed pleasantly surprised to see me - and came a respectable second. Specialist rounds today included a quickfire round where either artist or song title contained an item of food or a place to eat; Irish artists; artists from soap operas; and lyrics round of artists beginning with "B".

Tonight was the big televised debate of the three main party leaders. Obviously didn't watch it myself, but followed some of it through the medium of Twitter, and it seems Nick Clegg came out of it better than the other two. As Gemma pointed out, if all of those people who said they wouldn't vote LibDem because it's a wasted vote actually did vote LibDem, they'd probably win the election..!

So not a bad day, but I'll admit I'm rather worried about the potential implications of the computer not working, and hoping I can somehow get it to work...
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