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Wednesday 14th April 2010

Oh dear. Two days after the event, and I can't remember anything in detail of what I did today.

Oh well. Roughly speaking, went to work. Arrived at work late (10:00am) so worked correspondingly late in the evening - that was pretty much the case all week, actually. Fortunately, some of the pharmacy rotas for the May bank holidays have started to arrive, so I made a start on some of them - bearing in mind that I'm going to need to get them done a week earlier than would normally be the case (the ones for May 3rd, anyway, although most PCTs seem to send both sets out together) because of going on honeymoon. I'm sort of resigned to possibly having to leave some of the work to Niki, but I hope that won't happen.

Cooked myself some mackerel this morning, to take into work for lunch - I'm still kind of hoping that I'll get into a regular diet routine sooner or later. However, in the event, most of today's food consisted of crisps. Must get better at that.

Came home. Did some more work on getting 7" singles into the computer. Well, I say that - I'm mostly doing the actual importing in the morning (and making m'self late for work in the process...), leaving the click repair doing in the background when I go to work, and then the denoising and cleaning up in the evening. But I'm making some good progress, and am hopeful of getting a fair bit done over the weekend - although that depends on exactly what Sarah and I end up doing.

Had chicken tonight, and Tim and I watched some of his latest acquisition, The Trial of a Time Lord on DVD (he also still has my old VHS copy in the TARDIS tin...) and then he managed to get his X-Box set up (it had been in the loft for a while when some work was being done on the house) and played some Beatles Rock Band.
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