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Sunday 18th April 2010

Woke up fairly early, and had cod, potatoes, and cheese & mustard sauce for breakfast - I'd been intending to have that for dinner last night, but didn't quite get round to it - whilst Tim watched the Grand Prix.

Today was...not as productive as I'd have liked, if I'm honest. I'm really struggling lately to find the physical energy or just the emotional motivation to actually do anything. As of writing this entry, I've sort of resolved that I will at least make some kind of effort, but how successful that turns out to be...well, we'll just have to wait and see.

On the bright side, Rita was able to go to Stortford and help Sarah - as an extra car and driver, if not doing any actual lifting, which was kind of useful. I had considered asking mum if we could borrow her car, but fortunately it didn't come to that.

I did manage to do some things today, though. About the only thing my computer is good for while it's in Safe Mode is that I can rip DVDs, so I ripped some more of the Father Ted DVDs that I've borrowed from Tim. In fact, they're now sitting waiting on the hard drive to be burned. Only problem now being, I don't know where my DVD-R spindle is. It's...somewhere in one of the many boxes in Chorleywood. Stuffed if I know which one. When I'm over there tomorrow, I'll have a look... Anyway, now I've done Father Ted, next step is going to be the Blackadder DVDs.

After lunch (chicken, potatoes, peas and salad cream) I headed out into town to pick up a birthday card for Antonia. Mum got her a Debenham's gift voucher on our behalf, which was good of her. God, I can't wait until I get paid this month. I really can't believe I got so low so quickly - even factoring the cost of the hotel for EasterCon into the equation, my money seems to have just haemorrhaged. (sp.?) Anyway, yeah. Mind you, to a certain extent I'm my own worst enemy, buying crisps and things whilst I'm at work. Maybe I can take this opportunity to just make a serious start at doing this whole diet thing? And taking my pills and doing the injections etc.? Who knows.

Whilst I was out in town, Sarah arrived - having gone to Stortford with her mum, loaded both cars, driven back to Chorleywood with her mum, unloaded both cars, returned to Stortford on her own, and loaded her car. Tim let her in and she had a shower whilst I, as I said, got that card for Antonia, had a brief wander through Smith's and Waterstone's as they were still open, then ambled home through the park. Today was a really bright and sunny day, and it looked like most of Chelmsford were out and enjoying it. And I can't blame them!

At the moment, as Sarah and I discussed when I got home, our main worried are as follows:

  • Money. We're both down to hardly anything in our accounts, the joint account is similarly down to hardly anything. On the bright side, the strain is going to be a lot less when we move in with her mum - who's charging us £50:00 a week between us.

  • Space. There is an ever decreasing amount of space for the various boxes that we've packed from Stortford, even though some of it has gone into the garage at Chorleywood rather than the house. There's a limit to how much the loft will take. At the moment, Sarah's talking about getting a garage (presumably in the row of garages where Rita currently keeps her car) for our storage. This apparently will be another £40:00 a month.

  • The house sale in Barking, and indeed the general situation with Aston Fox. Tomorrow, in theory, the tennant will be given notice to leave (but in theory, that was meant to happen over a month ago). I'm increasingly convinced that my colleague Niki is right, and that they're just inventing potential buyers. I can't think of any other reason why we've had three in a row express an interest and then disappear off the face of the planet after several weeks. This might not make much sense until you consider that they're very probably taking quite a hefty cut out of what the tennant is paying them in rent before (eventually!) passing it on to us. I can't prove any of this, of course, but I will say - anyone who reads this, do yourself a favour and avoid Aston Fox. We're probably going to switch to Bairstow Eves as soon as we're legally entitled to do so!

  • The honeymoon. With the current flight ban imposed as a result of the Iceland volcano eruption, it remains uncertain as to whether we will actually be going to Egypt. I guess the two main issues we need to look into are - are we insured, and has the tour operator put into process any contingency plans so that people affected by this are able to defer their tour until later in the year? Certainly, I would be crushingly disappointed if it ended up that we weren't able to go at all.

  • My computer. I've emailed an AASP in Watford in the hope that they'll be able to help out, although any repair that they're able to make will probably have to wait until either a.) we get back from Egypt or b.) I get paid. Depending on if we end up going to Egypt in the first place. God, I hate things being so uncertain.

So. Lots and lots to think about and worry about.

Oh well. After I'd got dressed and packed, we headed over to mum's and then onto the Alma to celebrate Antonia's birthday. Unfortunately - and ironically, considering that the reason we were at the the Alma was that the last time we were at the Hare we'd experienced slightly worse service than the normal high quality - the service at the Alma was pretty abysmal, although the food was pleasant enough.

Apparently, Eleni managed to scratch Richard's eye - either earlier this morning or last night - as a result of which he had to spend some considerable time in A&E today, and has a patch over the eye. Fortunately he was able to join us for the meal tonight anyway, but even so - I hope he gets better.

Anyway, after the meal (I had tomato and paprika soup, followed by rump steak with peppercorn sauce. And lots and lots of water...), Sarah and I headed back to Chorleywood. I headed straight to bed (on the understanding that we'd empty the car in the morning) but Sarah did a bit of work on her computer (she's doing two Cybertronian Art Eds in a row, having swapped shifts so that she doesn't have to do it when [if] we're in Egypt) before joining me.

Busy weekend. Looking forward to a bit of rest tomorrow.
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