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Friday 16th April 2010

Well, my original plans for today had kind of involved using the computer to import loads of my 7" singles. Which, unfortunately, I couldn't. I'm not sure why I didn't just go into work anyway and have done with it. But I didn't. In between bouts of trying to get the computer to do vaguely useful things through various means that I'd discovered online (and mostly failing), I did nevertheless manage to do some work, including the first couple of diary entries that I've written for quite an age, and some cleaning in the kitchen (Tim is, how can I put this, not terribly good at keeping the kitchen floor clean; I used a fair bit of Flash spray getting a large chunk of it looking pretty decent, although there's still a way to go).

I also cleaned some of the outside of Sarah's car.

This evening, after some food, I set off for Rita's. Sarah's. What is soon to be effectively our place, even though I don't quite have the language to process that. Anyway, I set off. Must have left Chelmsford about 7:30pm. Got to Chorleywood in time for Ashes to Ashes, but couldn't be bothered actually watching it, I remember that much. I'd had a not too pleasant journey. Not desperately bad, but at a couple of points on the roadworks section of the M25 where we're forced to slow down to 50mph, a couple of vehicles flashed me and motioned me to get out of their way. What, I'm supposed to go exceeding the speed limit just 'cos some git's too impatient to follow the rules of the road? No way. Anyway, the first one undertook me (despite the fact that there were several signs telling us to stay in lane). The other didn't have that chance due to the surrounding traffic, but we soon reached the end of the roadworks anyway.

Then when we actually got to Chorleywood I let my attention wander and didn't start off when the lights changed. Whoops...

Still, not desperately bad. Got into bed pretty much as soon as I arrived at Rita's/Sarah's/ours.
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