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Tech woe

My headphones have given up the ghost. Well, sort of - the left one no longer plays any sound, so any listening is bizarre, mono, and not entirely comfortable. In fairness, they've lasted since last August (I specifically remember that I bought them whilst at AutoAssembly), which may be a bit of a record for any set of headphones I've ever owned.

Ordinarily, I'd head out and buy a spare pair from HMV, but that's not really possible - I'm down to my last £20:00 (and that was borrowed from my mum - I've been seriously low on funds since paying for the hotel for EasterCon), which has to last me until we go to Egypt so is mainly going to be spent on, well, important things like food. So right now I'm scrounging round friends and relatives to see if they have a spare pair.

At least I'll be able to get a replacement pair when I get back from Egypt (I get paid next Wednesday). Or possibly sooner - who knows, something might be available when I get out there, or at the airport at Cairo on the way back home.

In slightly more worrying techie problems, my G5 iMac is on its last legs. When I turn it on, I get the grey screen with the Apple logo and the spinning thing underneath it, and it then goes to the blue screen against which I'd normally expect to see the "Mac OS X" loading, but instead after a pause it goes through to a lighter blue screen, against which my mouse arrow appears, but...nothing else.

I've managed to get it to Safe Boot, but apart from that nothing I've tried from this page works - including attempting to boot from the install disc (I suspect it doesn't help that the Mac's Super Drive is buggered and I'm using an external DVD-drive) or re-install the OS (10.4).

I've asked an Apple Authorised Service Provider based in Watford, and they've said it sounds like a Hard Drive failure, but I'd have to take it in and get it assessed first (at cost of about £70:00) and if that is the problem, it'll then cost another £100 for a replacement drive. Which on the bright side would be 500GB (my current one is a mere 150GB, with only about 25GB free), but on the negative side could involve losing all the data currently stored on the drive. So I'm currently getting as much backing up to DVD as I can get done whilst it's in Safe Mode.

On the other negative side, though, the AASP said there's also the possibility that it could be a Logic Board failure, and if that's the case, we could be looking at...well, it's not much cheaper than buying a new Mac... [ETA: I suspect that in the first instance I'll just get a 1TB hard drive and back everything up, then it won't matter what happens to the actual computer itself...)

If anyone who's reasonably Mac savvy knows of anything I could do that I haven't already tried in terms of self-diagnosis and self-repair, let me know! It's out of warranty, so as long as we're given reasonably clear guidance I'm sure Sarah and I could cope with most possible solutions, including taking the cover off and having a poke around inside.

Oh well. On the bright side, it looks as if Egypt is definitely happening next week.

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