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Tonight's Doctor Who

LOved that!

I think I might watch Tim's DVD of Blink tomorrow, for more weeping angel fabness. But yeah, loved Time of Angels.

Could have done without that rather tacky BBC ad for whatever-the-next-programme-was which kind of detracted from the closing cliffhanger scene. I mean, what??? Isn't there enough of that faff during the end credits, without it intruding into the programme itself? Honestly. I'm not normally a writing-to-complain sort of a person, but I might make an exception...

But that aside - Matt Smith is really impressing me as the Doctor. I was thinking as the episode progressed, he's really starting to make the part his own now, getting under the skin of it. I was kind of surprised to be reminded on GallifreyBase forums that actually, that was the first one they made.

Now. Extended HIGNFY in 15 minutes. Thursday's had me laughing out loud frequently, which HIGNFY doesn't often manage nowadays, so here's hoping the extended has a similar effect.

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