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Friday 23rd April 2010

Today was...okay. Nothing special, really, just a fairly typical last-working-day-before-holiday sort of thing, attempting to tie up as many loose ends as possible before disappearing off into the sun(set) for a couple of weeks.

Apparently, Niki will be disappearing too - by the time I get back she'll have started another job, so responsibility for the Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire records will revert to me. The timing could be a bit better, as I'll be off to Milton Keynes only a week after I get back from honeymoon (I sent a couple of emails round to confirm that date and to make sure it's escalated to...whoever it needs to be), but I think in reality, dealing with physical stuff (i.e. getting everything I need to take, including the physical files, ready) rather than necessarily the database.

Although we'll see.

Back home tonight, I really wasn't in the mood for doing much at all. Mooched for a couple of hours, but didn't do anything with my computer (I know that the first time I turned it on since last night was on Saturday morning, when I finished work on Totally Doctor Who Series 1) and I don't think I watched the TV either. In fairness, I didn't leave work until about 7:00pm. I remember at about 9:15pm thinking, "well, shall I watch some of HIGNFY?" but then deciding, no, I couldn't be bothered.
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