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Thursday 22nd April 2010

I felt a little bit recovered from the unpleasantness of yesterday, but not massively so.

Work was pretty straightforward, and (after a dinner of grilled chicken, and watching some of Tim's Mock the Week - Too Hot for TV DVD) we went out to Bicknacre for the quiz. We didn't team up with Steve and Fliss and t'others this week, although we sat beside them. Rounds today included quickfire (artists beginning with "M"), a round of Pete Waterman artists, one of tracks being murdered by a Hammond Organ (amazingly we got all except the last one - well, Tim got most of them - but absolutely nobody could believe that the last one was actually meant to be Pink Floyd...), and a Beat the Intro... round where the artistes began with "P" and the song titles began with "B". Which was good fun. We got off to a slow start (10th out of 12 teams at first), but, after playing our joker on the Pete Waterman round (Nik Kershaw and Musical Youth were Pete Waterman artists? Really? I mean, he certainly didn't produce them, at least not as part of PWL...) and only losing out on a cover of Chiquitita, came fifth overall. Tim collected his winnings (a bottle of wine), and we set off home, listening to some Weird Al ("some" as in "the only two songs of his I've got" - eBay and The Saga Begins,

I could have stayed up and watched tonight's HIGNFY which Tim had recorded, but instead I went straight to bed.
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