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Wednesday 21st April 2010

Today was not a particularly good day. I was taking part in a couple of ongoing debates on Christian Forums, one the "Gay and Christian" one and another one on whether it's acceptable for Christians to own guns. I was taking my usual stances on both, and all of a sudden one of the contributors to the debate says, "oh, I've got it, you're a troll". And I say to her - perfectly reasonably, IMO - that no, I'm not. And just in case - 'cos she seems to have taken particular exception to my posts, not to any of the others which were taking more or less the same line as me, so I worry that I might have actually upset or offended her, I drop her a quick PM saying sorry, no offence meant.

Her response? To tell me that yes, I'm a troll, and she knows what game I'm playing, and if I PM her again she'll report me for harrassment! I PM her straight back to point out that no, she's wrong, and I really am sorry for any offence meant. Response: shut up, you're a troll, really reporting you this time. My response - which part of "I am not a troll don't you understand?" Her response, "which part of I'm reporting you don't you understand?" She then goes on, in the thread, to accuse me say that she thinks I have a screw loose. So I figure WTF, and report her.

Result - the thread gets closed, and so far as I'm aware nobody's taken action against any of my posts, although at least one of hers (the "troll" accusation in the "Gay and Christian" thread) had already gone by the time I went to report it), but really...I was left really shaken by this. I mean, I conducted myself perfectly civilly and politely; okay, we were debating on opposite sides, but I don't think I was particularly unpleasant too her, and her reaction was bang out of order and really upset me. I dunno, maybe I shouldn't have let it get to me the way I did, but...well, it did get to me, really upset and hurt me if I'm honest. Not nice.

So. Yeah. Wasn't in a particularly happy mood when I got home. Moped around for a bit before (really late) heading out to Tesco to pick up some shopping. Came back home way to late to actually do any cooking, but I had a couple of bags of crisps before heading to bed.

In other news, I heard back from Three Rivers District Council. We've left it too late to register for postal vote, but we can still register to have someone proxy vote for us, so they're sending us the forms for that.

Also, my headphones have given up the ghost. Well, sort of - the left one no longer plays any sound, so any listening is bizarre, mono, and not entirely comfortable. In fairness, they've lasted since last August (I specifically remember that I bought them whilst at AutoAssembly), which may be a bit of a record for any set of headphones I've ever owned.

Ordinarily, I'd head out and buy a spare pair from HMV, but that's not really possible - I'm down to my last £20:00 (and that was borrowed from my mum - I've been seriously low on funds since paying for the hotel for EasterCon), which has to last me until we go to Egypt so is mainly going to be spent on, well, important things like food.

Fortunately, Tim was able to lend me a pair when I got home. They're not quite perfect - they're the foam round the ears type, rather than in-ears, but hey, they'll do the job for the time being. When I get back from Egypt, I can buy a new pair.

(I do actually have the duck pair that Sarah bought me for Christmas, somewhere, but I'm not sure where - probably in a box somewhere in either Sarah's house or the garage).

Oh, and in really good news, flights have re-started! Yay!
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