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Monday 19th April 2010.

If I recall correctly, the first thing Sarah and I did this morning was to empty the car, after which Sarah headed back out to Stortford. Today, she was planning to let in the cleaners, then go to Barking to collect some paperwork from Aston Fox, then return to Stortford to let in the guy who's cleaning the carpet, and then load up whatever was left into the car and return to Chorleywood. In fact, it didn't go quite according to plan, as the cleaners were running late. Also, there was a bit more to be loaded into the car than she'd envisaged. But anyway, although she was later getting back to Chorleywood than intended, she had a pretty thorough and productive day. It seems weird to think that the home we lived in is now just a hollow empty shell. :o( I get too attached to places, as Sarah has pointed out.

While all this was going on, I was having a slightly more leisurely day, although I did call the travel agent through whom we'd booked our honeymoon to check where we stand in light of the current problems with flights; fortunately, in the event of our flight not operating, we are entitled to a full refund or to defer the holiday until later in the year (in light of the fact that's our honeymoon, and it's already seven months after the wedding, we don't really want to do either, but we do definitely want this holiday, so it'll be a deferment).

This evening, it looked as if flights might be returning to normal sometime tomorrow, which would (of course) be good! As we ate our dinner, we were chatting about it as if the honeymoon is definitely going to happen. Which is exciting, if a little nervewracking!

My headphones have given up the ghost. Well, sort of - the left one no longer plays any sound, so any listening is bizarre, mono, and not entirely comfortable. In fairness, they've lasted since last August (I specifically remember that I bought them whilst at AutoAssembly), which may be a bit of a record for any set of headphones I've ever owned.

The Apple Authorised Service Provider based in Watford got back to me and said it sounds like a Hard Drive failure, but I'd have to take it in and get it assessed first (at cost of about £70:00) and if that is the problem, it'll then cost another £100 for a replacement drive. Which on the bright side would be 500GB (my current one is a mere 150GB, with only about 25GB free), but on the negative side could involve losing all the data currently stored on the drive. So I'm currently getting as much backing up to DVD as I can get done whilst it's in Safe Mode.

On the other negative side, though, the AASP said there's also the possibility that it could be a Logic Board failure, and if that's the case, we could be looking at...well, it's not much cheaper than buying a new Mac...

I suspect that in the first instance I'll just get a 1TB hard drive and back everything up, then it won't matter much what happens to the actual computer itself... Although I think that whatever happens, I'll aim to replace it with another Mac of some description if it dies on me altogether.

I spent some of the day filling in forms to register to vote in Three Rivers District, as well as to apply for a garage. Then this evening, I drove into Rickmansworth to deliver them (as I needed to wait for Sarah to sign them before they could be delivered). Even with the Satnav that wasn't a desperately pleasant experience, as on the way there it appeared to be trying to take me through the common, and then on the way back it took me through Dog Kennel Lane, which...wasn't the most enjoyable driving experience. Also, when I actually arrived in Rickmansworth, I couldn't initially find the council offices, because I was paying too much attention to the Satnav, and not enough to the signs saying "Council Offices". *ahem*

Anyway, once I'd got back, I went to bed.
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