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What I've been up to lately

  • 16:31 Leaving the boat now for Cairo. In the words of David Tennant, "I don't want to go." #
  • 16:54 Driving in Egypt is scary at the best of times, but our coach driver just sailed right through a red light. *eep*. #briderhoneymoon #
  • 18:19 On train from Luxor to Giza. Feels weird. Not sure I'll be able to actually *sleep*. #briderhoneymoon #
  • 18:35 Some of the music at the Sound & Light show last night reminded me of Flood II by Sisters of Mercy... #briderhoneymoon #
  • 18:37 ...wouldn't mind, but I've always preferred Flood I. Oh well - gives me an excuse to dig up Floodland. #briderhoneymoon #
  • 03:17 Cheops was a diamond Giza. #briderhoneymoon #
  • 03:31 @capricorn_one but they called the train a sleeper. Maybe that just means it's an undercover agent of some kind... :o) #
  • 06:19 Croeso y Cairo. :o). #briderhoneymoon #
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