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Back and Good

OK, so when it comes to contemporary pop music I'm lamentably behind the times, but anyway. This morning I was listening to Radio 2 on the drive to work, Graham Norton sitting in for Chris Evans, and he played a Take That song. I was aware that they'd reformed a few years ago, but as I was never that into them first time round I'd not bothered about them greatly this time round; but hey, the song he played - Up All Night - was really rather good, IMO; Mr. Norton described it as "Take That going Beatles," but I was thinking it had a bit of a Scissor Sisters vibe (I think it was I Can't Decide that it reminded me of) to it. Pleasantly bouncy and musically cheerful and upbeat and uptempo.

ISTR I have a few folks on my Flist who are into Take That, so out of curiousity - if that's the sort of thing I like, am I likely to enjoy The Circus if I iTunes it?

And will I go to special hell for using "iTunes" as a verb in that sentence..?
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