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Housey housey


Well, possibly maybe. Not quite certainly. But.

While we were in Egypt (speaking of which, must finish uploading the photos and the holiday blog - might sort that out over t'weekend), someone had a look round Sarah's old place in Barking, and put in an offer. On Monday they had a survey done. Today, the news came through that the survey has been accepted, or whatever happens when surveys are done. And apparently this person has a definite mortgage offer. So yay! Ish. I still won't believe it until all the contracts are signed and everything, but it looks like it might finally be happening properly (this is the most positive development since December).

The house in Hemel Hempstead is still ours for the asking, although we need to re-apply for the mortgage. So the housewarming? Probably still on, at some point. The Geek Squad should get ready to come and join us. You know who you are. :o)

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