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David Brider

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a-ha!!! What have we here..?

Now, I'll freely admit that I'm not exactly the biggest a-ha fan in the world - although I do have a fair slab of their early, 1986 - 88 era, stuff in my record collection and still find it very enjoyable to listen to. But anyway, the news that, as a precursor to their farewell tour they're doing a special gig at the Royal Albert Hall playing their first album in full does rather excite me. I hope the tickets are still available when I've got the money to spare, although knowing my luck...

And their farewell tour? 25 years since Hunting High and Low was released? Erk, that makes me feel old. Next thing you'll be telling me that the Pet Shop Boys have been together 29 years and Neil Tennant's 55. Oh, hang on...
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