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Friday 28th May 2010

Instead of going straight to work this morning, I went via Sainsbury's, where I picked up the Eleventh Doctor 'Time Crash' set, and a thing of beauty it is...I posted a pic of it to a couple of comms I belong to, and also (eventually) to my own, and rather ogled it. I also bought the latest DWM, which is full of geeky goodness. Only four more episodes left of the latest series. No, I lie - five, including this Saturday's.

The day at work was fairly pedestrian, and as far as I can remember I went straight home afterwards. Didn't particularly bother to actually do anything, except to go online to try to find one those FM transmitter thingies that you can use with an iPod to send the iPod's signal to be picked up by the car radio, seeing as it looks as if the wiring on the jack interface in the car seems to be rather kaput and Sarah doesn't want to risk trying to repair it herself. I found a decent unit (by Belkin, who IIRC have a good reputation) at Halfords, and I was able to reserve it online, so I'll pick it up at some point tomorrow - it's be nice to pop out as early as possible.

Can't think of anything else of note today. I think I spent a fair bit of time this evening on Lego Star Wars. Tim had been going to go out clubbing with Sam, but eventually decided not to as Sam wasn't up to it. We might have watched something on the tellybox, but I'm not sure. I do remember thinking that it was going to be odd now Ashes to Ashes isn't on. I'm gonna miss it.
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