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Been feeling really depressed the last couple of days. No particularly obvious reason, or anything - right now, life's going pretty well, work's okay even if I am going to be moving sites soon, home life's okay, I'm going to be moving back in with Sarah at her mum's on or around June 20th, and then hopefully we'll be settling in at our new home at Hemel Hempstead by the end of the month.

Maybe the depression has kicked in because of the bigness of all those changes that are looming? Which seems odd, as on the whole they seem like pretty positive changes. But maybe whichever of the bits of my brain or whichever chemicals or whatever it is don't understand that, and just see "Aarrrghh, change of routine, bad, stop!!!" I guess I could understand that. But it's annoying. I've tried the Gollum approach to dealing with mental illness ("Leave! Now! And never come back!") but it doesn't seem to work. Grr.

On the bright side, Sarah and I had a fun weekend in Sheffield seeing blazingskies to celebrate her birthday, and loads of her friends for a video games evening. Which was fun, even if we didn't actually play many (well, Sarah didn't play any, I think I played one). It was fun watching das blinkenlights in all their psychedelic glory, and it seems to have inspired a fic from Sarah, so result.

btw, Becky - don't forget to give me a call next time you're going to Corp. If I can make it up I will!

The Supernatural season 5 watch is nearing its conclusion - I started Two Minutes to Midnight this morning whilst eating breakfast, and will finish it off this evening before plunging into...whatever the final episode's called. I'm lousy with episode titles for Supernatural.

And Saturday's Doctor Who is set in Colchester, which isn't far from Chelmsford so I feel that it's almost a local story (even though it was almost certainly made somewhere in Wales. My money's on Splott).

Anyway. Stuff. Back to work.

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