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Monday 21st June 2010

Today (it's going to get repetitive typing this) was a bit weird. Woke up a bit later than I normally would, with a bit of a headache, and got cracking at the unimportant but (supposedly) fun task of playing Lego Star Wars. I'm now at about 95% complete, with only a few blue minikit rounds and the Super Stories to go, but sadly I didn't make much progress. I'm not sure whether I accidentally chose to do minikit rounds that were harder than normal or maybe I'm just losing my touch. But anyway. Gave up after a while and started to do something approximating a normal day's stuff, got as far as having a decent shower, and then gave up when I went to have marmite on toast for breakfast and discovered that the bread was...well, let's just say uber-mouldy. Oh dear - how long has it been since I last had any??! I've no idea, but anyway, I abandoned my initial plans and instead decided firstly to try to see if I could sync up my iPhone with Tim's PC and load some music (say, Bitter Ruin's CD) onto it, but the PC insisted on not recognising the iPhone even after I updated iTunes and downloaded the driver.

So instead, I went out to the shops, to pick up some stuff for a super slap-up meal I'd decided to treat myself to. On the negative side, I wasn't able to get everything I'd hoped to in Tesco, so I decided to go to Sainsbury's to finish off. On the even more negative side, it seems that rather than assume I didn't have enough funds in my account and therefore not take anything but send me a stern email, O2 took everything I owe them, leaving me...well, I'm not sure the exact amount, but quite a bit past my overdraft limit. Fortunately I had more money on me than I'd thought (enough that I was able to justify treating myself to Hiding the Elephant, but I had to ask mum for a little last-minute financial help as until the rent cheque clears Sarah's account I won't have anything, and apart from anything else I'll probably need to fuel up the car at some point this week - I'm not sure, after I've got to Chorleywood, how many times I can get to Milton Keynes and back on what's in the tank. I'm reckoning 1½ times...

So, after Tesco, I drove back to Tim's, dropped off the shopping I'd bought and set the VHS to record Countdown, then to mum's where I picked up the money and the washing I'd dropped off yesterday, and said goodbye, then to Sainsbury's where I picked up the rest of the shopping, then to mum's as on a whim I'd decided to ask if I could borrow her George Foreman grill, and she said okay, so I picked up that and said goodbye again, then back to Tim's where I had some potato wedges with melted cheese on top, then a pizza, then a bit of a lemon roulade (although not much as I was starting to feel full up), whilst watching the rest of part 1 of Going Postal, which I really enjoyed and am looking forward to the second part.

After that, Tim settled down to watch Countdown, whilst I did the washing up and then set about the remainder of the packing. Except that I didn't, because as I was loading my stuff from the fridge I realised that I've got way more than will a.) comfortably fit in the car and b.) comfortably fit in the larder and fridge/freezer when I get to Chorleywood. So I decided to go easy, taking only what I need for the time being - say, until this weekend - and leaving the rest until later. That includes some of the non-food stuff as well. The idea at the moment is that I'll go down, possibly on Saturday morning or Sunday, and pick up the remainder.

Speaking of the weekend, Sarah and I have an invitation to dinner with Misha and Zoe on Saturday evening, to tie in with the last episode of Doctor Who. That's slightly complicated by the fact that Sarah may need to do some work over the weekend, but in principle, as long as Misha and Zoe don't mind their bandwidth being taken up by Sarah accessing the work PC over the net, and also don't mind her being a tad anti-social, that might not be a major problem.

Anyway, after I'd got everything ready, I set off. And then had to drive back, as I'd got about to the M25 before realising that I'd forgotten some things - essentially, the George Foreman, and less essentially a pile of CDs I wanted to bring with me as potential entertainment for the car if a.) the Belkin FM thing starts being cantankerous and b.) there's nothing worth listening to on the radio.

After all that, then, I finally made it to Chorleywood at about 9:30pm, and after unloading the non-work related stuff from my (sorry, our) car, I hit the sack, although I had a mind-bending conversation with Sarah until 11:00pm, by which time we were both pretty darned knackered.
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