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Sunday 20th June 2010

This morning, after Tim woke up he watched last night's Doctor Who and Confidential, and I was happy to join him because quite frankly? WIN!!!

The original plan was to get everything packed, and then when Sarah came down, to drive in convoy to Chorleywood. However, Sarah suggested that as there's still nothing to cook on at Chorleywood - and as I'm off work tomorrow, and the place is going to be overrun with workmen - that maybe I could revise my original intentions and stay at Chelmsford overnight, travelling up to Chorleywood tomorrow instead. I was initially dubious about this possibility, but came round to Sarah's way of thinking in the end. So she came down, picked up some washing from mum's and then the boxes that I'd packed, and then drove back to Chorleywood, albeit not before she'd popped me up to mum's to drop off some last-minute washing that needs doing and to work to drop off my tag that I'd forgotten to leave behind on Friday. Whilst at work, I picked up some McVitie's Mini Cheddar Crinkly things, salt and vinegar, because a.) I love them and b.) I know of nowhere that sells them apart from Munch and the machine at work. I think I may suffer withdrawal symptoms.

I can't remember what I did after that. Might have involved some Lego Star Wars, might have involved watching something (possibly Doctor Who). At about 9:00pm Tim started watching a thing about the Glastonbury Festival on BBC4, whilst I had fried chicken, roast potatoes, peas and lashings of gravy. Which was nice.

And then bed.
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