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Saturday 19th June 2010

Tim was off to a gig in Brighton today, so I had a bit of the time to myself, which I utilised to the best effect by playing Lego Star Wars. *ahem*

At about 12:30pm (certainly after Tim had set off) Sarah arrived and we headed into town, where we got the address on our joint account changed, and then we went to have lunch at Pizza Hut, where, in a shocking display of eyes bigger than stomach, I ordered a medium pizza of which I could only manage a couple of slices - this despite only having had a bag of crisps earlier in the day.

After that, we popped through the shops where I noticed a very interesting book about the secrets of magic tricks, and also the latest Danny Wallace (Sarah talked me out of both of them, but I still reckon I might get them sooner or later), and I detoured via the Tesco Express on the way home.

We had some pleasantly shnuggly times back at Tim's before Sarah set off back for Chorleywood, and I watched Stonehenge Apocalypse (fun and slightly bonkers), followed by Doctor Who (rather epic and a big "how the hell are they going to get out of that ending...) and Confidential, both of which I taped for Tim. Finished off that pizza for dinner. Was going to do something a bit more productive, but in the end settled for getting to bed. Busy day tomorrow, and I did virtually no packing today. I've sort of worked out in my head what needs doing, and there shouldn't be much to do, but...
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