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Friday 18th June 2010

So. Last day at Chelmsford.

I started as I ought to have carried on, by arriving (after a detour to Tesco in Broomfield Road, where I picked up some cakes to share with folks at work) pretty much on time.

The day was mostly taken up with packing stuff up - and throwing a lot of stuff away, as well; I've kept various bits of paperwork which are almost certainly not strictly necessary to man or beast, some going back to about the time I started working with the company (because, the Winter Plan drawn up in December 2001???), which I finally took the opportunity to throw away. Mind you, I also came across some bits of paperwork which were more sort of missing in action (such as some HD reply forms) whose existence may be kind of useful...*ahem*.

As the day wore on, I finally got round to loading the car - sadly, I did this after the front desk had been vacated, meaning I had a lengthy trip round the building to use the side entrance after taking each load to the car. And it was quite a load - I've got, let me see...about 25, probably more, D-ring binders full of HD reply forms, and there was no way I was taking more than about four of them at a time. As of writing this entry, they're currently sitting on the back seat of the car until such time as I can unload them at Milton Keynes... Also three boxes of miscellaneous paperwork, some of which may still be of dubious necessity but I didn't want to throw it away unless I was absolutely sure, some loose HD reply forms which I'll need to sort out and work out what's still relevant and what's chuckable, and some odds and ends of stationery I decided to take...purely for work purposes.

It was actually a slightly underwhelming day, if I'm honest. Despite the fact that I'm going to miss Chelmsford, miss working there, miss the people there, I didn't really feel any great emotional punch at finally packing everything into the car and leaving at the end of the day. I guess it helps that I'm still working for the same organisation, just in a different building (in a different county).

Anyhew, back at home I listened to the first episode of the new series of Mock the Week, then finished watching Planet of Fire (the first time I've watched it since it was first on, over 26 years ago), followed by the controversial "Special Edition" re-working, whilst eating fried chicken, roast potatoes, peas and gravy. Yum.

And then to bed. I've now got to work on a lot of packing at home!
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