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Thursday 17th June 2010

Work today as usual, and then this evening Tim and I went quizzing. I can't remember what the rounds were, despite the fact that I'm writing up less than a week after the fact, although IIRC we played against Steve & Fliss and the two other guys, and came a respectable third overall. On the way back, I put some ISIHAC on the stereo, mainly for the wonder of David Mitchell singing A Whiter Shade of Pale to the them of The Muppet Show. Tim enjoyed that. My work here is done.

Back home, we watched that night's Mock the Week, which Tim had recorded and which was its usual brilliant self. Milton Jones was on, and he's always delightfully surreal. Also there was Chris Addison who I don't crush on in any way but I think is just lovely for some of the things he comes out with, and a lady called Diane Morgan who was very pretty and I couldn't place her accent but it was definitely from the north of the country.

And then bed. Busy day tomorrow.
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