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Wednesday 16th June 2010

Oh dear. I'm only writing this entry up on Thursday 24th, and already I can't remember much of what I actually did today.

Work, if I recall correctly, involved getting the Health Directory files for Hertfordshire finally sorted into order, and the duplicates thrown away, having finished work on Cambridgeshire back on Monday. I like Niki, bless her, but she didn't half ruin my perfectly well-ordered filing system and introduced...well, if she introduced a replacement that had any thought put into it, it eludes me. Oh well...

I probably watched some of King's Demons and/or Planet of Fire, and/or the bonus features on the discs. There was a wonderful documentary on the King's Demons disc about the Magna Carta. I might let Sarah see that, as I've a feeling she'd really like it.

I've a vague feeling that Tim might have been out tonight at a gig, by Love Amongst Ruin, a band formed by Steve, formerly of Placebo. Or that might have been last night. Or not this week at all even. I'm, erm, not doing terribly well at this, am I..?
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