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Tuesday 22nd June 2010

So...today was my first day working at Milton Keynes.

Well, I say working - for the first part of the day I was unable to do very much of anything, as all the files that were going to be copied over from the Chelmsford server still haven't been, and I wasn't even able to access my e-mails, so I was at a bit of a loose end. Eventually the e-mails came live, and I was able to work back through them, doing some work but putting off other work until I actually had something to it on.

I at least started to attempt to get into some sort of pattern or order for my life, although admittedly that was slightly frustrated by the fact that work is still in progress at Rita's. I had a bath this morning, but as there's no shower, and the bath is too narrow to be comfortable, I washed my hair at the basin. Had a shave, but that was complicated by the lack of a mirror in the bathroom, which meant I had to stand in the doorway of the spare room and look in the mirror at the back, which was about chest height so I was crouching down whilst occasionally dripping shaving foam on the carpet.

Then at work, I had mackerel salad, which was quite pleasant. I'm hoping to get into regular meals at regular times.

The journey into work and back was fairly straightforward, albeit what should be about a 50 minute journey extended to about an hour by roadworks on the M25 and the M1. I broke the journey back with a rest at Toddington services, where I picked up the latest Radio Times.

Last episode of Doctor Who on Saturday!!!

I like the Milton Keynes site, and I'm glad I decided to move there. It's more spacious than the Chelmsford site, the rest room is more...well, restful - the TV room and the kitchen/eating area are separate, and the staff are actually encouraged to turn the television off when they've finished with it. Which is good. And the call centre doesn't get so noisy, so I don't have that vague going mad feel from time to time.

On the negative side, by the time I left tonight, I still didn't have a.) a phone, b.) my files, or c.) a swipe card for door. Oh well.

Back home, I used the temporary stove to cook some potatoes and peas, and the George Foreman grill to cook some fish cakes. That was quite a yummy end to the day - and it was, indeed, the end to the day as by this point in the evening it was something in the order of 9:30pm, so I went to bed soon after.
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