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Friday 25th June 2010

The journey into work was rather better today, especially since I decided to stay in the right hand lane of the M1 through the roadworks, including the bit where it goes into contraflow. That sped things up considerably. Rather annoyingly, though, I'd been a bit disorganised this morning and hadn't actually left the house until gone 8:30am, so I was late getting in, but just made up for that in the evening. Also, there was no mackerel in the fridge (I could have sworn I'd brought a fair bit with me from Chelmsford, but maybe not), so I had to make do with bread, cheese and tomatoes. With salad cream, never forget the salad cream.

On the journey home, I needed to get some cereal and milk, and tried the Shell garage I'd popped into yesterday, but guess what? They don't sell cereal. Grr. So I ended up going to Budgens in Chorleywood, before heading for home. Rita was cooking dinner, which included cod in breadcrumbs (very pleasant, and what I'd normally have on a Friday evening anyway). After that, I watched last night's Mock the Week, which was good and had Jack Whitehall in it, who I've got a bit of a crush on. The scenes we'd like to see round was, as usual, the highlight, although in the "Lines we don't expect to read in the Bible," Andy Parsons came out with an old Red Dwarf line ("all characters in this book are fictitious, and bear no resemblance to anyone, living or dead..."). Honestly!

Went up to bed, a bit tired and also drained by the heat, after setting up various things to record on the Sky+ box (including tonight's The IT Crowd and tomorrow's Doctor Who). Did a bit of reading before going to sleep.
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