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Sunday 6th June 2010

Today got off to a vaguely early start, breakfasting at the hotel before heading out for Chelmsford via Chorleywood. It'd've been nice to have gone to see Becky for a while or done some vaguely geeky things or even popped over to Wingfield, but Sarah wanted to get home as, apart from anything else, she had an art ed to do this weekend.

Before we left, I noticed that as well as the sunflowers, there was also a picture pf the café as seen in last night's episode on our bedroom wall. So this is truly the weekend of Van Gogh.

I had some music playing over the satnav on the journey home - I can't remember what, but Sarah grew increasingly frustrated at the poor quality and when we stopped for a leg stretch at Watford Gap she picked up a John Barrowman CD for the rest of the journey, which was pleasant listening. Meanwhile, I picked up a three-DVD set of romcoms - Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics & Miss Congeniality for £9.99. I wasn't too bothered about the last one, but as I'd quite like to see the first two that's not a bad deal. And I might end up enjoying Miss Congeniality, and if so, *win*!!!

Dropped Sarah off at Chorleywood, where IIRC I had a rummage through the DVD-R boxes and couldn't find that Ross Noble DVD anywhere, so stuff knows where it's disappeared to. But that was a bit annoying. I think we also had a bit of a shnuggle before I headed back on the road to Chelmsford, where...I don't know what I did, but it probably involved Lego Star Wars and/or watching more of Supernatural Season 5.
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