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David Brider

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Thing that I suspect is terribly wrong of me: I'm considering watching Rev. just as some kind of inverse career guidance, a kind of "how not to do ordained ministry" thing. (Well, as I'm Methodist not Anglican, it wouldn't be exactly how not to do it anyway...

Thing that I suspect is 100% spot-on right of me: I'm suspecting that there will be at least one, slash-related LJ community dedicated to Rev. within 24 hours of the first episode being broadcast. Although whether that's before broadcast or after broadcast, I'm less certain about...

I'm also trying to work out where the heck I recognise Tom Hollander from, as nothing in his CV really stands out - a couple of eps of things like Absolutely Fabulous, but I doubt I'd remember him from that long ago. Possibly Gracie!, don't know...
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