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Saturday 5th June 2010

Set off to Chorleywood fairly early, albeit not quite as early as I’d originally intended – I think I’d meant to reach Sarah’s by about 8:00am, but it was nearer 9:00am by the time I eventually got there. On the way, I had some rather unpleasant moments with people (well, one in particular) pulling in very close in front of me without even indicating, and then when I tooted my horn at him, he, um, gave me the finger. Hmmph.

Once I’d arrived at Sarah’s and had a toilet break, we set off for Sheffield, calling in en route at the OK Diner where we had a breakfast break. Up until then, we’d been listening to some of the Vicky Beeching stuff I’d bought last weekend, but after that Sarah took over the driving (saying she hadn’t been more petrified, which I though was a bit harsh). Can’t remember what we listened to after that. Oh well.

We arrived at Sheffield by about 2:00pm and checked into the b&b, after which we were both a bit exhausted and napped for a while. Then come about 5:00pm we headed out for the local Tesco (the same one that Becky and I had gone to when I was up there a few months ago), picking up some odds and ends including a card for Becky. From there, we headed straight over to Becky’s. I’d suggested picking up a pizza, but Becky said best not, as it was already pretty hot in her flat. Fair ‘nuff. That being the case, I can’t remember what I ate – possibly just crisps all evening. Hardly the most nutritional meal, but it kept me fed.

When we’d arrived, we – that is me & Sarah, Becky & Tony – sat down and watched Doctor Who. This was the one written by Richard Curtis and featuring Vincent van Gogh. Three things of note: firstly, in our b&b both on the stairwell and on the wall of our room is a print of the Sunflowers – what a weird coincidence! Secondly, it was a bloody good episode, IMO, and Tony Curran (as Vincent) was particularly impressive. Thirdly, several times in the past, Tim and I have joked about how wonderful it would be if an episode of Doctor Who could end with an announcement, “if you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme…”. Well, tonight it did! In fairness it was particularly tied in to Vincent’s depression, and mental illness in general, but I wouldn’t have said that was a dominant theme of the episode…

After that (I don’t think we bothered watching Confidential, although I could be mistaken), the guests started to arrive for Becky’s video games night, which was good fun. I took part in a few games, Sarah in none but she enjoyed watching them in all their psychedelic glory, and was later inspired by them to write a fic! We had a great time, but left at about 10:00pm, as Sarah wanted a fairly early start the next day.
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