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Writer's Block: Twilight is nearing

How do you feel about the upcoming Twilight film? Are you a fan or a critical bystander?

I'm one of the great unwashed, the mass hordes who've never experienced Twilight in any way, shape or form.

I don't rule it out entirely - I'm kind of curious to at least read the books (and IIRC they're still on my Amazon wishlist) and possibly watch at least the first film, but on the other hand although some people I know are fans, I hear a fair bit of negativity - like the books are badly-written (not necessarily a problem - I read Clive Cussler); they contain dodgy gender politics (more of a problem); and something about vampires sparkling (but hey, Doctor Who's latest batch of vampires were alien fish people; face it, there's never going to be another Angel or Spike or Mitchell...).

But for the time being, I hope the film lives up to the expectations the fans have, and that they enjoy themselves when they see it.
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