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Plans for the weekend...


  • Hopefully at least watch last night's Mock the Week
  • And tonight's The IT Crowd, if I stay awake long enough.
  • Fill out form to temporarily register with GP in Chorleywood
  • Quality time with Sarah.


  • Forbidden Planet
  • Pride. I might join a marching group in the parade (possibly the Bi group, possibly the Christians at Pride group; both of whom wear purple. And I don't own anything purple. But when I am old...), I might just generally join in the fun.
  • Hopefully meeting up with tlanti, maiafire, and...well, anyone else who fancies being in London tomorrow?


  • Church - found a really nice Methodist church in Hemel Hempstead that it'd be nice to settle in once we've moved there. Went there last week, expect I'll go back again this week.
  • Chelmsford - dropping stuff off/picking stuff up from Tim and mum, and hopefully seeing Antonia & Richard & their kids.

Other stuff:

  • Watched the first ep of Rev. eventually. Not bad, kind of like The Office for ordained ministry. Didn't make me laugh out loud, admittedly, but I enjoyed it. Tom Hollander and Olivia Coleman are worth watching it for.

  • On a kind of related note, saw the write-up for Priest in SFX the other day, and...it looks positively bizarre (a "superhero vampire-western horror film"? That seems to cover most of the bases...).

  • Caught a trailer for Identity the other day, and that looks like it could be good - Keeley Hawes, Holly Aird, Aidan Gillen in what'll be (if I watch it) the first thing I'll've seen him in since Queer as Folk, the trailer certainly looked good...OTOH, the write-up in the Radio Times didn't seem too positive, but heck - I can watch one episode, see if I like it...

  • And lastly, Christoper Nolan's new film Inception looks like it should be rather amazing. I may have to actually drag m'self to a cinema to see that one.

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    Fri, 22:08: @ RevRichardColes congratulations to you and the rest of your team on a well deserved University Challenge win.

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    Wed, 17:31: 3 of 5 stars to Doctor Who by Terrance Dicks https://t.co/ONkH3T0ic5

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