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Plan for tonight.

I'm jolly well going to make some progress with Nation. I don't know why, but I'm finding it a real chore to get through, which is unusual for a Pratchett book (but then, it is rather unusual for a Pratchett book). If I can at least get to about page 250 tonight (I'm on 180 at the moment), that'll be a bit of progress. Soon as I've done with Nation, I'm going to get on with A Madness of Angels.

(I like Tim's idea that in an alternative universe, Terry Nation might have written a book called Pratchett. Um. D'y'see what he did there..?)

Somewhere in various boxes, I've got the Tiffany Aching books, and there's a fourth one due out in September. Fiver says I can't dig my copies up before we move house, though. They're just...somewhere.

Also tonight, it'd be kind of nice to watch last night's Identity. Mind you, no hurry - I've still not got round to watching Lennon Naked yet.

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