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Oh, please...

I mean, on the bright side, it's good news that those two asylum seekers had their deportation overturned.

The judge's comments? Erm...less good. "Just as male hetero­sexuals are free to enjoy themselves playing rugby, drinking beer and talking about girls with their mates, so male homosexuals are to be free to enjoy themselves going to Kylie concerts, drinking exotically-coloured cocktails and talking about boys with their straight female mates." Right. How many stereotypes and clichés can you get into one sentence? Still, your heart's obviously in the right place.

Conservative MP Philip Davies also loses points for his comments: "...it’s quite feasible that this could offer an ideal line of defence for someone who wants to try to avoid being kicked out of the country, whether it is true or not that they are gay. By its very nature, it’s very difficult to prove one way or another."

Yeah, well, homosexuality was illegal in this country until the '60s. I'm guessing it was just as difficult then as it is now to prove that someone's gay, but that didn't stop people trying...

But the thing that really really disturbs me about all this?

Learning that there's an organisation called MigrationWatchUK.

I mean, maybe I'm just too much of a bleeding-heart lefty liberal, but really? It just makes me feel faintly disgusted with the state of the world.

[I would link to the source, but it's the Daily Express webpage and they don't need any more publicity...I've no doubt there was some equally disturbing reportage of this story in the Mail, but it didn't make the front page there...]

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