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Friday 9th July 2010

I wanted to get off to an early start today because of the Luton project. Well...didn't quite manage that, but I guess I was earlier than I'd been yesterday. In the event, the Luton work wasn't anywhere near as time-consuming as I'd feared; nor was it as personally challenging as I'd dreaded - there were a few telephone calls I needed to make, but not many, and the worst of it was out of the way by about 3:00pm, after which I got back into sending some update letters and chaser letters (and having a rather belated lunch), before making ready to leave the office at about 5:30pm.

On the drive back, I start listening to tonight's The Now Show, which was good fun although Hugh Dennis is noticeable by his absence. He doesn't seem to be in many episodes this series, although it's hard to say as I've not been keeping up with it as much as I'd like. Still, there was a wonderful bit by John Finnemore explaining the referendum for the new voting reforms a la Sir Humphrey. And also a running gag about Paul, the psychic octopus (I know, look, just go with it, okay?). And Henning Venn was funny, if only for putting English football fans a bit in their place! And to make matters better, when I got back home, Rita had Radio 4 on so I was able to finish listening to the show without missing much.

When Sarah arrived, shortly after me, she told me that apparently there's a possibility of exchange on Barking being sorted out as early as this coming Monday, with completition about a week later. Still no word about whether she will or won't end up going to Singapore. Still, for the time being let's say no news is good news? Also, no sign of that prescription turning up. Mmph. Dinner tonight was fish in breadcrumbs. Beyond that, I don't really remember much of what happened today; it's achingly hot at the moment, and I suspect an early night's sleep was in order.
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