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Thursday 8th July 2010

Let me see. Had a late start, which was annoying, but made up for that by leaving work late. We had a conference call regarding the Luton project, on which (so far) I've done absolutely no work.

Personal news - on the negative side, still no sign of that prescription. Sarah 'phoned up the surgery, and apparently the prescription request was separated from the SAE we enclosed with it, but they've said they'll send it out to us. Although we won't be able to do that again as we moved away from the area too long ago.

Still, on the positive side, that may not be an issue - apparently, there's a real possibility of us having exchanged on Barking by the end of next week, and completion within a week after that. Still no word on a time frame for Hemel Hempstead, but as the guy there is apparently pretty eager to sell, hopefully that won't take too long.

Had pizza for dinner tonight, which was nice. Didn't get round to having lunch at work, so I'll have that tomorrow.

Still no word on whether or not Sarah will be going to Singapore, but that should mean that at least we get this weekend together, if nothing else, and the house sale/purchase can be done when she's out of the country - any documents she needs to sign can be emailed over to her.

I did a bit more DVD burning tonight - Pulse (which I'm hoping I'll get round to watching at some point) and Doctor Who Season 5, Disc 1, with a few extras - trailers, interviews, etc.

Unfortunately, despite the good news on the house front Sarah was in a bit of a bad mood with me tonight and we had a bit of a row, but that was cleared up by the time we went to bed. Indeed, she mentioned an episode of The A-Team which featured both Robert Vaughan and David McCallum, and I was so curious that, well, I had to d/l it before settling down to sleep for the night..!
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