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Sunday 11th July 2010

Today was a fairly peaceful day. Rita went out fairly early, saying goodbye to me and Sarah, although Sarah was sleeping - she had a bad headache and had got up in the middle of the night to get herself some painkillers and prepare a hot water bottle. It later turned out that she'd been unable to find any painkillers and had relied solely on the hot water bottle! So before Rita left I asked her for some.

Perhaps shamefully - and despite the fact that, as she pointed out, there wasn't much I could do for her - it didn't take a great deal to persuade me to stay at home and "look after" her, as opposed to - say - going out to a morning church service, as had been the original plan.

Oh well.

Earlier in the week I'd been wanting to watch Firefly but miffed that my DVD boxed set was in the lock-up in Barking. Well, I discovered today that although that's probably the case (but not necessarily - there's stuff here that I thought was in the lock-up, so who knows?), I'd put my Serenity DVD in my "to be watched" box, so I dug that out and started watching it. Still haven't finished it yet, but I've watched more of it since at any point when I first saw it at the cinema, so *result*!!!

Through the course of the day, I ate the pizza that I'd ordered yesterday, which kept me going quite comfortably, and did a lot of reading of A Madness of Angels, adding some more books to Librarything and scanning some book covers, and even writing some diary entries. And Sarah had a nice warm bath which made her feel better. Later in the day we started watching The A-Team - The Say UNCLE Affair together, although Sarah was a bit distracted and went off to do other things, which was I guess fair enough as she'd already watched it earlier in the day.

This evening, Sarah cooked roast chicken, which we ate together and which was very pleasant. After that, we went out into the garden where Sarah watered the plants and I helped her lug the hose around. It was quite pleasant, actually - the heat of the day was wearing off, and there was a nice refreshing breeze in the air.

I watched a bit more of Serenity, and also started Sky+ing a thing that was on tonight hosted by Jonathan Ross in which various comedians re-enacted some missing Peter Cook & Dudley Moore sketches, which seemed okay although nothing really to write home about.

And then Sarah headed for bed after I'd got about 10 minutes into that, and I joined her.
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