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Wednesday 7th July 2010

I was feeling at a bit of a loose end this morning, so I left for work a bit earlier than normal - at about 8:15am or so. Despite that, I didn't get in until about 9:30am. Erm. I wonder if it's actually possible to make it there for 9:00am?

This evening, Rita cooked us Nando-fied chicken, which was enjoyable (I do like Nando's), and then Sarah helped me out with my experiment - shifting video files to burn to DVD-R from Rita's PC to Sarah's laptop using my external HD, and then burning them to DVD-R using PrimoDVD running on Sarah's laptop. Thankfully, it worked a treat (the alternative, I guess, would have been going to Chelmsford at the weekend and picking up my external DVD drive), and I was able to get Ashes to Ashes season 3, and disc 2 of FlashForward (the "season 1" bit seems sadly superfluous...). A good start, but more to go.

That's about it, really, but I guess that makes it a fairly productive evening.
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