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Tuesday 6th July 2010


Really can't remember much about today. Went to work. Listened to Queen on the way there - the "Complete Singles" collection that I compiled a while back; I'd thought it wasn't on my iPod, but it turned out it was, so I started with Don't Stop Me Now, which I'd had going through my brain and fancied listening to, and went on from there. Blogged when I got to The Invisible Man, a humourous-ish comment about the old "no synthesizers were used in the making of this record". Came home. Had dinner that Rita cooked - can't remember what it was, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't mackerel. And tonight I made a bit of progress with Nation, which I've been finding a bit of a chore, frankly - not (IMO) up to Terry's usual standards, and taking really ages to get going into anything vaguely resembling a plot. Still, I made it from about page 180 to about page 240 tonight, which is a start.
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